I’ve started YouTube!

Hello lovelies!Β I haven’t posted on here in a loooong time, I could come up with thousands of excuses as to why I was too busy to blog, many of which are true, but the reality is, is that I have a complete love hate relationship with blogging. I really enjoy it when I first get going but after that first post, it seems like a chore – I sit at a computer typing away all day, it’s not really something I want to do when I get home. It’s not that I don’t want to discuss things that interest me, I do! But I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe writing about the things that I love isn’t the right way for me to express myself.

So instead I’ve been doing something else, I’ve been making YouTube videos! I’ve not been doing it for very long but I absolutely love it and I already have 32 subscribers – how amazing is that?! I was only hoping for a couple after I’d made a fair few videos so to already have 32 subscribers is fantabulous! πŸ™‚ Here is my latest video if anyone’s interested!

I’m focussing mainly on my journey to lose weight with Slimming World but as I get into the swing of it I want to start making videos about other things that I love like beauty, crafting and anything else that takes my fancy. I’ll be posting my videos on here every week as another place for them to live, but if you’d rather then please do come and join my little gang of subscribers!

See you next week, lots of love, Hannah πŸ™‚ x x x


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