I’ve started YouTube!

Hello lovelies! I haven’t posted on here in a loooong time, I could come up with thousands of excuses as to why I was too busy to blog, many of which are true, but the reality is, is that I have a complete love hate relationship with blogging. I really enjoy it when I first get going but after that first post, it seems like a chore – I sit at a computer typing away all day, it’s not really something I want to do when I get home. It’s not that I don’t want to discuss things that interest me, I do! But I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe writing about the things that I love isn’t the right way for me to express myself.

So instead I’ve been doing something else, I’ve been making YouTube videos! I’ve not been doing it for very long but I absolutely love it and I already have 32 subscribers – how amazing is that?! I was only hoping for a couple after I’d made a fair few videos so to already have 32 subscribers is fantabulous! 🙂 Here is my latest video if anyone’s interested!

I’m focussing mainly on my journey to lose weight with Slimming World but as I get into the swing of it I want to start making videos about other things that I love like beauty, crafting and anything else that takes my fancy. I’ll be posting my videos on here every week as another place for them to live, but if you’d rather then please do come and join my little gang of subscribers!

See you next week, lots of love, Hannah 🙂 x x x


10 Realities of Living on your Own

Hello my little loves! Last month marked my one year anniversary of living on my own, and whilst there have been ups and downs, I can safely say that it’s been a truely enriching experience. I moved away from home, away from all my family, friends and my boyfriend for a brand new job. I was so nervous and I can remember looking for tips and advice before I moved and everything I read was comforting and helped to calm my nerves. So I thought I would add to that with this post!


           *sourced via Pinterest

1. Realising how immune you are to your own mess
So as it turns out, your false sense of superiority when it came to your former housemates inability to keep things tidy was exactly that – false. Completely and utterly misguided, and if you’re honest, some of those passive aggressive post-it notes regarding the disgusting state of the bathroom/kitchen/living room/entire house should have been addressed to you. Finding a cleaning routine for yourself early on is pretty much key to living in a hygienic house that doesn’t make you dread the thought of unexpected visitors.

2. Pondering the existence of ghosts
There is an unspoken rule that when you live on your own, your house/flat makes 100% more weird noises than when you live with other people. And until you become accustomed to your homes fun little quirks, these will terrify you into inhabiting only one room – especially when it’s dark. Oh, you’ve gone to bed but you need a drink from the kitchen? I hope you enjoy being thirsty. You’ve been settled in front of the TV but now you need the loo? Better cross those legs!

3. Having complete and total control of the remote
However, whilst you’re sat there with your full bladder you can revel in the fact that you can watch whatever you want, that TV remote is aaaall yours. If, like me, you have previously lived with people who have pretty strong ideas about what everyone should be watching on TV, this kind of power can be a bit unnerving. And slightly disappointing when you realise that there is never anything on.

4. Disliking your new found independence
So you liked what Beyonce had to say and you wanted to be an independent woman too? Well, you got it! Like, seriously, you are on your own now. What Queen B forgot to mention is that there isn’t anyone one else to complete the more menial tasks, even if you really, really can’t be arsed. Basically, if you don’t do the cooking, washing or shopping then your cupboards will be empty and you will be hungry and dirty.

5. And then enjoying doing things for yourself
Once you get over the shock that you are now considered a self sufficient adult, you will probably find that doing things for yourself if actually quite empowering. Who knew you’d get such a kick out of paying all your bills on time or figuring out the best deal on eggs at the super market? Weird!

6. Realising that clothes are now optional
However, if you just really don’t want to do the washing today, deciding to not bother with clothes is now acceptable. And absolutely glorious! (Obviously this only applies when you’re inside your own home, please do not walk the streets naked – you’ll get arrested)

7. Not being judged for your Netflix binge
We’ve all been there, you sat down meaning to only watch one episode of Breaking Bad but now you’re two series in and Netflix is asking if you’re still watching. Luckily for you, there’s no-one here to judge you but Netflix so you can just click ‘Continue Watching’ and crack on with your binge. In fact, while you’re at it, put in a pizza and pour yourself a drink – you deserve it, you’re almost at series three after all.

8. Creepy crawlies are your problem now
If, like me, you have relied upon other people to deal with spiders and their many legged friends for most of your life then you are in for quite a ride. Nothing says horror more than the realisation that it’s you who has to get rid of the giant monster-moth that has just flown in through the bathroom window, otherwise you won’t be showering before work, which isn’t really an option.

9. Looking after yourself when you’re ill
Just as there’s no-one to help you with the household chores, there’s also no-one to listen to you whine look after you when you’re ill. Yep, you are your own nurse now. Stock up your medicine cabinet and you’ll be fine. Or if you’re really struggling, con people into coming over to look after you with promises of food and socialising, just don’t mention your lurgy, they will not come if you reveal your true intention.

10. Getting to know yourself
It may not seem like it to begin with, but spending so much time on your own is actually great. Once you get past those first feelings of loneliness, living alone is an amazing chance to get to know yourself without being distracted by other people. You get to discover what you truely like, dislike, enjoy or don’t enjoy without being swayed by other people’s emotions or opinions. And knowing how to be happy alone is important as you can bring so much more to a relationship and your life by being able to sense when you’re truely happy.

So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. I suppose my last piece of advice would be to enjoy this time that you spend living on your own, it is a luxurious thing to be able to spend so much time focussing on yourself and being able to live your life completely for you.

Hannah x

Fleur de Force Makeup Review

Hello my little loves, today I’m doing a product review which I have REALLY enjoyed writing and I hope you enjoy reading it too!

As many of us in the blogging community will know, the lovely Fleur de Force has been a very busy lady recently. As though publishing a book and launching her own line of lashes wasn’t enough for her, Fleur has just launched her own make up range too. This makes me so happy, although I don’t know Fleur, I have followed her blog and YouTube channel for years, in fact she was one of the first bloggers I discovered, so to see her doing so well is amazing!

Fleur de Force Make Up Range Full

The range contains six lip glosses, two eye shadow palettes, a make up bag and a compact mirror. Although I could easily have bought everything, (there wasn’t one item that didn’t appeal!) my bank account rejoiced as I restrained myself and purchased just a few items.

First of all I’d like to say that I absolutely adore Fleur’s branding; it’s simple but beautiful. The pastel water colours fading into white are right up my street, as are the tiny golden stars which I think are a lovely personal touch – if you’re a stalker follower of Fleur’s blog or YouTube channel, you’ll know how much she loves stars. I think it’s nice to see something which illustrates that Fleur has control over these kinds of projects.

Starting off with the two lip glosses, I chose “Starry Starry Night” (Top) and “Written in the Stars” (Bottom) I really love the colours of these two, but obviously I would say that since I chose them duh! I’ve been wearing Written in the Stars to work a lot over the past few days and this really works as a day time colour for me as it’s quite muted but pretty. Starry Starry Night is a colour I would wear on a weekend or evening and I haven’t had chance to experiment with it too much but the swatches below capture their colours quite well.

Moving on to consistency and feel, generally I find lipgloss a pain because whilst it looks lovely, if anything dares to touch your lips whilst wearing it then it’s stuck there forever, but Fleur has got it down with these. They’re more of a lip-balm-from-a-tube texture, yes there is a bit of stickiness but nothing a girl can’t live with. The built in wand makes application simple and precise, and the product applies nicely to the lip. In terms of durability, these are pretty average. I found myself reapplying every few hours which, considering the price point, isn’t something to complain about in my opinion.

lipgloss swatches

And now for my favourite product drum roll please the eyeshadow quad in “Lunar Rose”. I absolutely adore these four little eyeshadows and I am a self confessed eyeshadow snob so I don’t say that very often! The swatch picture doesn’t do it justice, but the colours in this palette are super pigmented which is fab because the colours themselves are beautiful – the palette is a better representation of the colour than the swatch to be honest.

This is a great product to go from day-time to night-time as the darkest purpley colour can really build and blend to an amazing smokey eye. The little brush that comes with the quad is good for the price, I wouldn’t use it on the whole eye but it’s nice for adding detail or applying colour to the inner corner of your lid. I could write an essay on how much I love these eyeshadows, but instead I will just say buy it now!!!

Fleur de Force Lunar Rose

lunar rose swatches


And finally, the little compact mirror. Feel Unique were offering this as a free gift when buying two products or more, so obviously my order qualified for this, otherwise I wouldn’t have bought it as I already have tonnes of similar mirrors. It’s nice, it’s pretty, when I look into it I see myself looking back at me so it does its job! Ideally, I would have liked to see this have a cover on it as I think that the side with the mirror on will scratch and cloud up after a bit of time in my bag.


Overall I was really impressed with these products from Fleur, I can sometimes be a bit skeptical when people in the public eye bring out their own line of products but these are amazing quality especially considering the price.

Have you tried any of the Fleur de Force products from Feel Unique? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

Lots of love from Hannah x x x

15 Facts About Me

So I’ve not exactly been active on my blog, I had big plans but holidays and procrastination and pictures of puppies got in the way and almost two months later I’m only just writing my second blog post – slap on the wrist for me! But I opened up my laptop this evening and was in a blogging mood so I figured let’s just do this thing.
Since my first blog post was short and sweet, I’m doing a 15 facts about me to inject a little personality to my corner of the internet 🙂 I’ve also included a picture of my face so that you can imagine me babbling on, what a treat for the eyes! Now, are you sitting comfortably? Well then let’s begin!

hannah's face


Starting with the basics, I’m 23 years old and I currently live and work in the North East of England, although I originally come from the midlands in England.

When I was a baby, my feet turned inwards and my hips fused before they started to point the right way. So since around the age of two I’ve been going to the chiropractor and started ballet classes to get them looking a bit more normal! I always used to trip and fall over my own feet and to be honest I still do this because I’m SO clumsy, but now the only time they turn inwards are when I’m a tired bunny.

My biggest, biggest, BIGGEST irritation is the sound of people eating or breathing. I cannot even begin to explain how much I cannot stand this sound, it’s sort of a wet, sloppy, disgusting noise. It makes me cringe just thinking about it. I’m aware it’s a teensy bit of an overection which is probably just as annoying for the poor soul just trying to eat their dinner as it is for me listening to it, but it actually has a name – Misophonia. So yeah, use your mouths responsibly guys, this is a thing!

I love to sing – I sing to myself and my loved ones on an almost constant basis, generally songs I compose on the spot.

I am very bad at singing, some have likened me to a bag of cats. I think I’d be the joke act on X Factor and I would love every second of it.

I am a teensy, weensy, little bit lactose intolerant. Basically, my stomach has a tantrum whenever I have milk, ice cream or a lot of yoghurt. “Oh come on, that’s not a real thing, you’re just being an attention seeking hipster!” I hear you roar. I invite you to come and take a seat next to me next time I have large amounts of dairy – Not. A. Pleasant. Experience.

My first and only pet was a hamster…called hamster. Yes I know, original and witty.

I’ve been doing Slimming World for about a year and a half now and I adore it! I’m a huge fan of pasta so the fact that you can have unlimited amounts of the stuff on Slimming World is basically like living in a dreamworld for me.

I’m not into people touching my face – please don’t, that’s where I smell, see, hear and speak from, it’s a sensory overload. I mean, why you would want to anyway is beyond me, but apparently pinching cheeks, booping noses and just generally having a good old feel of other peoples faces is acceptable behaviour in modern day society.

My favourite season is Autumn, so as you might expect, I’m pretty much in a constant state of excitement as it creeps closer and closer. There are so many things to enjoy – chunky knits, autumn nail polish, fiery red trees, hot chocolate, the smell of bonfires, fireworks, just everything! I love it!

My favourite colour has always been green, so living in the country side is really quite great, everywhere I look it’s green – poifect!

My favourite number is four, I’m not entirely sure why, but one day I just really took a shine to it (weirdo).

I’m quite handy with a pair of chopsticks (if I do say so myself) I actually find it easier to eat noodles and rice with chopsticks rather than a knife and fork. I recently went on holiday to Florida where we visited the World Showcase in Epcot. I bought a really pretty pair of chopsticks from the Japan section and the girl at the counter was so excited to hear that I like to use them, she was really sweet!

I have really bendy fingers and thumbs, I think it’s fun and cool, other people think it’s creepy and weird.

I have my own Harry Potter wand, which I made from a stick in the garden (when I was little, I might add!) and dabbed a gel pen on the end of it to make it look like it contained a mystical unicorn hair or phoenix feather. I know this makes me extremely cool, please don’t be intimidated.

So that’s it folks! I hoped you enjoyed learning a little about me, I know that I always really enjoy reading these types of blog posts (mainly because I’m nosey!). I know that people normally do 25 or even 50 facts, but I like to keep a little mystery – don’t want to go giving everything away on the first date second blog post!

Lots of Love, Hannah x x

Hello world!

I thought about changing the title of this post (it’s the one that WordPress automatically gives to your first entry) but it seems to fit pretty well with what this post is about, a big virtual handshake to whoever might be reading this.

I’m not entirely new to blogging, I had a halfhearted attempt a few years ago before entering into a gigantic writers block which, rather than tackling head on, I gave into. Oops. Maybe that’s not something I should be admitting on my shiny new blog but it’s honest and it’s a part of me, and that’s what this blog is, an extension of myself. I’m not going into this with a direction or a particular purpose, I’m going to write about whatever takes my fancy and that’s a very exciting and freeing thought!

I’ll keep this short because no-one reads these anyway, let’s get stuck in!

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